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925-809-7540 ext.3001

Ms. Lisa Lepore


August Newsletter

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Homework Expectations

     Homework packets are sent home every Monday.  Students and parents can find daily homework assignments as well as school reminders on the cover sheet.  All homework is due the day after it is assigned.  The stapled packet needs to be returned to class daily.  The completed homework packet needs to be turned in Friday morning for the student to participate in Fun Friday activities.  You can expect to see homework like this:

Reading - 20-30 minutes of reading Monday through Thursday with a reading response activity.

Spelling and Language Arts - There will be a Spelling and/or Language Arts page Monday through Thursday.

Math - A fact and guided practice page daily.

Social Studies and Science - Occasionally, we will have social studies or science homework.  The due dates will be included on the homework packet cover sheet.

     Please assist your child with all homework assignments.  Homework is meant to be a review of what is taught in the classroom and should not take more than 10 minutes per subject.  If you find that it is taking more than 20 minutes per subject on a regular basis please let me know as soon as possible.  Don't forget, your child should be reading a book at their level every school night.

     All papers on the left home side of the Homework folder should be removed daily.  These are papers that have been reviewed and corrected in class and should be left at home.